With new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo running the D in New Orleans, several Saints are settling into new roles on defense.

Part of Spagnuolo's (Or "Spags" as his players call him) approach is experimenting with personnel by putting them into new positions where they can thrive.

Interim head coach Joe Vitt, who has coached New Orleans' linebacking core for the last 6 years, is impressed by Spag's fresh approach.

 "One of Steve's biggest assets is his ability to put players in what they do best and in the right positions," Vitt said. "He is constantly watching film. He's a very creative coach. He's got a great mind and he doesn't ask players to do what they can't do. The players come first with him, not the scheme. I think that's exciting."

Saints Try New Roles On Defense

Whether it be second-year pro Cameron Jordan shifting to the interior of the defensive line for third downs, or second-year pro linebacker Martez Wilson moving permanently to defensive end, Spags will continue introducing new concepts, assignments, and schemes.

Brett Martel of the AP examines Spagnuolo's defensive philsophy, and asked current players how they're handling it. Click here to see their reponse, and the rest of Martel's story.