For the first time, a Major League Baseball player has successfully challenged the results of a drug test.

Ryan Braun, the National League's Most Valuable Player, was cleared by an arbitrator yesterday after he tested positive for a banned substance last fall.

The results of the test were revealed about the time Braun was named the MVP.

Braun maintained his innocence the entire time.

After the ruling, Major League Baseball issued a statement saying they "vehemently" disagreed with the decision.

But did the ruling raise more questions than it did provide answers?

MLB's statement obviously insinuates they don't believe Braun was innocent.  Will the public and the writers, who have been quick to suspect players with good statistics of possibly being tainted, buy into Braun's story? And, what precedent will this ruling set in the future for players who appeal drug tests in Major League Baseball?

Those stories have yet to be written.  Right now, we know the Brewers outfielder is cleared to play and his teammates are happy to have him back.