The Top 25 college football uniform rankings were recently unveiled by Athlon Sports.

Without question, Athlon Sports swayed in favor of the more traditional uniforms, with Penn St., LSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Texas ranking in the top five.

Personally, I have always been partial to uniforms that have white, or light colored pants, which is the case for all these schools, so I can't argue too much.

I think Ohio St. is probably a little too low, but all in all, I think they did a good job with the rankings.

Athlon Sports ranks Penn St. as having the best college football uniform.


If traditional is what you like, then you probably don't have a much of a problem with that. Prior to the blue and white uniforms, which they've been wearing since 1890, Penn St. wore pink and black ones. Who would have thought that?!?!?

The Nittany Lions wear only white pants, with blue jersey for home games, and white jerseys for road games.

Penn St. only wears wears simple black shoes with white calf socks, though they do wear blue tights underneath their white socks for cold weather games.

The Nittany Lion helmet is classic, and simple, with a blue stripe down the center of a white helmet, with a blue on white "Penn State" sticker covering up the forehead helmet logo.

The LSU Tigers rank second in the poll.


(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


LSU has worn nearly the same jerseys since the inception of the program, sporting the traditional gold helmet with purple face mask, with white and purple stripes down the center and team logo on the side, while wearing white jerseys for home games, with purple and gold stripes on the shoulder, with purple numbers.

Since the Tigers normally wear white at home, with the exception of one game a year, they normally don't wear another jersey color, but when they do they are purple with white numerals.

LSU has for the most part worn the gold helmets and pants, but they have worn white helmets, and purple pants, on rare instances.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish rank third in the uniform rankings.


(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Notre Dame's home jerseys are dark blue with white numerals, gold outlining, and a small interlocking "ND" logo on each sleeve, while the road jerseys are white with blue numerals, gold outlining, and the interlocking "ND" on the sleeves.

Gold pants, with a small ND logo just below the left waist, are worn with both home and away jerseys, while the helmets are solid gold, representing the "Golden Dome."

Over the years, Notre Dame has occasionally worn green instead of blue as its home jersey, and currently reserve the green jerseys for "special" occasions.

The Michigan Wolverines sit at number four in the rankings.


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The Michigan uniforms have survived the test of time. The Maize and Blue color combination, along with the winged helmets are the favorites of many college football fans.

The Wolverines wear those blue helmets, with the yellow wings, along with the yellow pants, and either blue jerseys at home, or white jerseys on the road.

The Texas Longhorns rank number five in the Athlon Sports poll.


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Prior to 1895, Texas used gold and white as it's colors.

Luckily, they changed to orange and white.

The Longhorns wear orange jerseys, with white numerals at home, and white jerseys, with orange numerals on the road.

Texas has white helmets, with the orange Bevo logo on it, and white pants.

UCLA, Nebraska, USC, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M come in at spots 6-10 in the poll.

At 11-15, we have Alabama, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Florida St., and Michigan St., followed by Ohio St., Washington, BYU, Oregon, and Tennessee at 16-20.

Finally, at spots 21-25, we have Clemson, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Auburn.

We all have our own tastes, so your opinion might differ from that of Athlon Sports, but the best looking uniforms is certainly a fun topic to argue about until the real football season in just a few weeks.