Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns played catchup all year long with South Alabama in the Sun Belt Conference, and this weekend they have a chance to grab the Jaguars by the tail.

Before heading to Mobile for a climactic conference clash, the Cajuns have another big cat to take care of in the midweek. All four games this week come on the road, and their adventure starts in Houston.

The addition of The Cougars (27-19, 93rd in RPI) onto the Cajuns' schedule was a tactical move, and Wednesday's game carries a lot of weight when it comes to determining Louisiana's spot in the field of 64.

"This is trying to build our RPI," Robichaux said. He doesn't want to have to run the gamut in the Sun Belt if he doesn't have to, "Going to a tournament and winning a tournament is not the easiest thing to do, man."

Evan Guillory will get the start on the mound, which is fitting. He's been their road warrior all year long in the midweek, and another win this week would set the tone heading into the South Alabama series.

The Jags won 15 straight games to start off their Sun Belt slate, but the Cajuns chipped away at their lead week by week. Three games back in the conference, Coach Robe can't wait to see if his team conquers the challenge in front of them.

"We can't look ahead, but this is what you want. You want big atmospheres," Robichaux said with some excitement. "I love weekends like this, because again, that's when you find out the people that want to step up. You might have some people that get into another gear, but until you shift into this atmosphere they don't hit that gear yet."

To spice up the story a bit more, it doesn't help the Jags are 25-5 at home this season. Their ace, Kevin Hill (8-1, 2.23 ERA, 107 K/24 BB), is going to punch them in the gut as a welcome to Mobile on Friday. Gunner Leger doesn't mind a brawl, but the bats will face an uphill climb all weekend long backing up the pitchers. Hill is only one arm in an accomplished pitching staff.

Leger and the rest of Robichaux's arms will be dealing with a patient bunch, with tons of speed to boot (95 stolen bases). It could be a nerve racking weekend if South Alabama gets traffic on the base paths, and their hitters are known to make pitchers sweat.

"They work counts, they get on base and they're fast," Robe warned. "They key for us is to hold the walks down & keep the runners down from running...don't let them speed the game up."

Only eight games remain in the regular season, and the Cajuns are jockeying for the conference and looking out for their regional seed. The South Alabama series is a preview of what's to come, with the postseason right around the corner.

Two big cats sit in their way, and it's time to fight for their life. Don't get bit.