The Ragin' Cajuns are turning up the tempo on offense, and Offensive Coordinator Ge


Jorge Munoz is the new man calling the shots.

Munoz wouldn't necessarily confirm the changes on offense, but the players smile from ear to ear when you ask them about the adjustments from last season. With weapons like Elijah McGuire, Anthony Jennings, Jordan Davis, Jalen Nixon, Al Riles, and Gary Haynes (the list goes on), cranking up the speed might be a good thing.

So what does it mean? More read option plays, zone reads, wide receiver screens and bubbles? Munoz wouldn't confirm or deny anything.

"I think you're going to see something that is very in vogue right now," Munoz said without showing his hand.

There's an issue he can't keep behind the curtain. Anthony Jennings' late addition to the squad stirred the pot at quarterback, and now it's his job to avoid the same two-QB situation that happened last season.

Head Coach Mark Hudspeth said LSU's coaching staff "pounded the table" for Jennings, and Munoz is giving him a chance to earn the spot. He didn't drop any breadcrumbs about who might be in the lead, but he brought up the new veteran presence in the room.

"With Anthony coming in and competing for that job, that brings the experience factor up in the room," Munoz said.

Last season, the coaching staff teetered and tottered between Brooks Haack and Jalen Nixon. Nixon will be part of the short yardage packages this year, but he won't have his hands on the wheel of the offense on a regular basis. Between Jennings and Davis, Munoz wants somebody to claim the starting gig.

The Ragin' Cajuns don't want to have a repeat of 2015 at the QB position.

"We want to pick a starter and stay with that guy," Munoz said definitively. "We need to see who is going to step up and take the reins."

One player that already stepped up for Munoz is senior receiver Al Riles. He's the definition of a vocal leader, and he's never scared to get in somebody's face if they step out of line.

His receiving core is wide open at the wide out position. Riles is part of a solid group of slot receivers with Haynes, and Gabe Fuselier can play outside if need be. Jared Johnson is the leading veteran in the locker room to step up, but there are some youngsters (Keenan Barnes, Michael Jacquet, Ja'Marcus Bradley) trying to take his spot.

When asked about Riles' impact on the young receivers, Munoz referenced his toughness and rough edges, "We need that in that room."

Elijah McGuire is going to be a beast at running back, but his senior year depends on the men up front. Munoz picked out one man in particular who is pushing the pile. McGuire is a beast, but there might be a monster lurking on the line.

"Robert Hunt is absolutely a monster," Munoz said.

Hunt, a redshirt freshman, checks in at 6'5" and over 320 pounds. Coach Hudspeth compared him to Mykhael Quave, who was a four-year starter for the Ragin' Cajuns. Hunt is only one piece of the puzzle, and the offense will only go as far as the line takes it.

There are going to be changes on offense, and it's up to Munoz to put them in place. The talent is there, and so are the expectations.