While it isn't taken serious in America, many Countries overseas put a ton of stock in psychic animals predicting sporting events, and have been for years. As silly as it sounds, these animals have a great track record of making the right prediction. After all, if they didn't, nobody would call them psychic.

Perhaps America has found its psychic animal. Princess is a clairvoyant camel who resides in New Jersey. She has correctly predicted 6 of the last 7 Super Bowls, and according to ABC news, predicted the outcome of many New York Jets and New York Giants games since 2006.

Just last week, Princess picked the 49ers over the Falcons.

So who did she pick to win Super Bowl XLVII? Apparently she prefers John more than Jim, as she went with the Baltimore Ravens.

You're probably asking yourself, how in the hell does a camel predict a football game? Click here for the answer to that question, as Eliza Murphy of ABC news blogs has more on Princess' peculiar talent.