The Pittsburgh Steelers are experimenting with robotic tackling dummies for their OTAs and they are good!!

The robotic "players" were designed by Dartmouth College so that teams could use them, rather than real-life players.

The tackling dummies roam around the field, at a high rate of speed, and are controlled via a remote control. This allows players to go full-speed when tackling and it does not put another teammate at risk. Its great!!!

The Steelers are lucky enough to experiment with these and I'm sure other teams would love to get these on the practice field.

The day the UL Ragin Cajuns get some of these I am going to practice. I want to tackle of these robotic players and I will do so without any regrets.

What do you think NFL legends think about this? Do you think they ever saw this one coming to a practice field near you?