Former LSU All-American Patrick Peterson has released a statement denying any association with trainer Will Lyles. This comes on the heels of a former Texas A&M coach claiming Lyles asked for $80,000 to secure Peterson's recruitment to the Aggies.

In a statement released through the LSU athletic department, Peterson said the following:

"I have never had any type of relationship with Willie Lyles and he had no influence on my decision to attend LSU, or any other school for that matter. He had no involvement with my recruiting process and I resent the fact that my name has come up in these allegations. I chose LSU because it's a great school with a great football program. I never received nor was I offered anything to go to LSU and anyone saying otherwise is being dishonest."

Lyles is currently being investigated by the NCAA after receiving $25,000 from Oregon. LSU publicly acknowledged giving Lyles $6,000 for a recruiting DVD to scout potential players.