Heading into Wednesday night's road game against the Houston Rockets, the New Orleans Pelicans were 5 games out of 8th place in the Western Conference. The 8 spot is occupied by the Rockets.

Despite struggles this season, the Pelicans locker room consistently believed they could make a run at a playoff berth. Tonight's 100-95 loss ended the hope.

"We come out here after every game and we talk about, 'well we're still in the playoff picture', NO WE'RE NOT. WE'RE NOT!", exclaimed Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry after the loss. "What we are is a team that when we have an opportunity to do something, we didn't get it done."

An angry Gentry appeared at wit's end, watching his team fumble away what may have been a season saving victory.

"We didn't execute down the stretch. It's as simple as that," said Gentry. "You have a 6 point lead and turn the ball over 3 straight times, you're not supposed to win. That's the bottom line."

Houston made history for their failure in one major aspect of the game. However, New Orleans made history too, losing the game the Rockets said a new NBA low in.

Houston shot 3-34 (8.8%) from three point range, the worst 3pt% for a team that attempted at least 30 three attempts in NBA history.

On top of their poor shooting from beyond the arc, the Rockets turned it over 21 times. The Pelicans surpassed them in the turnover department late, finishing the game with 22.

Pelicans star Anthony Davis, playing through a sprained toe, only attempted 13 shots in 39 minutes of play, several of which were alley oop dunks.

Norris Cole led the Pelicans in scoring with 21, but often took selfish shots, failing to initiate ball movement within the offense.

With the loss, New Orleans falls to 23-36 on the season. Houston improves to 30-31.