Rumors were rampant throughout Super Bowl Sunday that Saints coach Sean Payton was leaving New Orleans for Dallas to take the general manager job with the Cowboys.

Admist the rumors, the New Orleans Saints organization issued a statement last night. "Coach Sean Payton is the Saints Head Coach; he is not going to the Dallas Cowboys in any capacity."

I understand releasing the statement after word got out that Payton's family purchased a home in Dallas. This is however, a common occurance among NFL coaches and players. But...

Did they really have to issue a statement? It's obvious the rumors began after Payton's family purchased a second residence in the Dallas area. Now,  let's focus on the rest of the facts. Payton has never suggested he would want to be a GM. He is a head coach. And he is a head coach of an organization he helped rise from the scrums to a Super Bowl championship. The head coaching job in New Orleans was one of the least desirable in the league when he took it. Now, it is one of the top jobs in the NFL, as the Saints are sitting on a team built to compete for championships. The Saints are his baby.

Does anyone actually think Jerry Jones would give up his GM position? No. End of story.

The Saints didn't have to issue a statement. Anyone can simply examine the facts and know that Payton isn't going anywhere.