Hours after a story was released claiming Chris Paul said he would want to play in Charlotte for Michael Jordan and the Bobcats, the Hornets point guard took to twitter to clear the air.

"Come on now people. I did 3 different interviews about the Jordan Brand Classic this morning and was asked if Michael Jordan had influence on free agent signings and I said at the end of the day guys want to win," tweeted Paul."..."they askd would I want to return home and I told them I'm focused here in NO and that's the future and anything can happen...Hate when people try to turn things around just to make it a story...#slowdown." 

Imagine that. The national media twisted a superstar's words around to make a story. Can you believe it?

If you read the AP story, it's pretty clear the writer is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. The story also doesn't include the entire transcipt of the phone interview with the AP.

All Chris Paul has ever said is that he wants win. That would obviously rule out the Bobcats as a future employer. But in all seriousness, the man is not a free agent, and cannot be offered an extension by the Hornets at this time due to NBA rules. In addition, CP3 has always stated his commitment and focus to winning in New Orleans.

Please get off the man's back. Let him focus on the postseason and worry about potential landing spots outside of New Orleans when his contract with the team expires. The national media loves to create controversy, rather than do their job, which is to report the truth.