The Pac-12 Conference announced last night they would not expand in the forseeable future.

That put an end to the speculation that four Big 12 schools were ready to bolt and form a super-conference, the Pac-16.

No formal vote was taken on the four schools and the four schools did not formally apply.  It is reported Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott did not formally endorse expansion.

It appears Texas' refusal to agree to equal revenue sharing was a stumbling block in the negotiaions.

The Big 12, which stands to lose Texas A&M to the SEC, is expected to have its member schools come to a solidarity agreement.

Missouri, who, according to reports in the Kansas City Star and Birmingham News, was ready to become the SEC's fourteenth member if the Big-12 imploded, may now stay where they are.

The SEC denied having offered membership to Missouri.

The Big-12 is expected to now add at least one school, perhaps more.  BYU is reportedly the first team on its list.  Reports have also surfaced that the Big-12 may have an interest in Louisville and West Virginia as well.