When you think of Olympic Boxing fiascos, the first fight you usually think of is when Roy Jones, Jr. got completely robbed in Seoul, South Korea in the 1988 Olympics.

In that fight, despite landing more than twice as many punches as South Korean Park Si-Hun, Park was awarded the gold medal in the finals.  Park actually apologized to Jones and the referee was astonished as well.  A later investigation showed South Korean officials were seen wining and dining the judges.  Despite the "fix", the IOC refused to change the result and Jones never got the gold medal he so richly deserved.

Well, here we go again.

Yesterday in the Bantamweight division, Magomed Abdulhamidov of Azerbaijan had a lead over Japan's Shatoshi Shimizu after two rounds.  But in the third, Shimizu knocked down Abdulhamidov six times.

That's right.  Six.

But the referee refused to give a standing eight count, presumably ruling a slip instead of a knockdown and the fight went on.

Shimizu lost the fight 22 points to 17.

Japanese officials immediately lodged a protest.  And, this time, the protest was upheld.  The committee ruled the referee should have given an eight count three times, which would have stopped the fight.  The Japanese fighter was declared the winner.

But it's another black eye for Olympic Boxing. Click here to watch the edited video of round 3 and decide for yourself.