The NFL is scheduled to begin it's 2012 season with replacement officials, and by the looks of this video, that isn't going to be a good thing.

Officiating is a thankless job that's extremely difficult to do, and while these replacement officials have some experience in officiating football at other levels, none have experience in officiating at the NFL level. The game is much faster, with bigger, stronger, faster players, and even some different rules.

These replacement officials shouldn't be expected to perform at an NFL level. So, I'm not blaming these guys. I'm blaming the NFL for allowing the situation with their regular officials to escalate to the point where we'll apparently have to begin the season with these inexperience replacements.

I mean, I feel for this guy. It was like he just made up a couple of penalties, before interrupting the next play, and then just lost track of everything.

Now, this hasn't been the norm during the pre-season. Truth be told, most plays, and games, have gone by without much controversy. But one call could cost a team a game, and in the NFL that's one play too many.