Every home game during Ragin' Cajuns Football season, I get to hang out with the best tailgaters in the country. I made more friends than I can count, and ate more food than I would like to admit.

Spending time with Cajun Nation on Ragin' Cajuns Tailgate TV is my favorite part of football season, without a doubt. They're the reason I call myself an adopted Cajun, because every week they invite me into their tents, stuff me silly and send me on my way with a smile.

I thank them all the time, but I wanted to do a little more. I hope this tribute poem does the trick...

Ode To The Tailgate (Ragin’ Cajuns Style)

Gather round y’all, so you can hear what the fun’s ‘bout,
Where the beers are all tall, and there’s tents when the suns out,
With Krewe Sans Manches, where they all have their guns out.

To the Delcambre Mafia, with their white boots of rubber,
Where the food is so good, I would call it my lover,
With their fry pans of gold, I’m a regular grubber.

Head to the East, find the Pepper Squad’s banner,
Where the roux is so dark, but the people are tanner,
With cookies so sweet, and pudding with ‘nanners.

Now seek out T-Baw, and the Baws of T-Baw,
Where the beers are so cold, and the humor is raw,
With times this good, they live without law.

May you find Lil’ Kev, and his bait made of taters,
They’ll cook you fine food, maybe even some gator,
Then they’ll pour you a shot, one now and one later.

To the Krewe De Chew, and their dancing white rooster,
Where the pudding is spiked, by Kyle the good booster,
With plates piled so high, your belt will get looser.

With slow roasted pigs, and cracklins galore,
Satisfying your soul, sinking deep to your core,
No matter the portion, you’ll always want more.

It’s the best place around, with all of your friends,
Where the liquor runs cold, and the meals have no end,
And a crazy good time, is right ‘round the bend.

To my fellows and gents, good ladies and lasses,
May you pass the good times, and raise all your glasses,
And head to the tailgate, with your partying…passes.