The Notre Dame Fighting Irish unveiled some new specialty football uniforms yesterday, and all I can say is that I'm glad they plan on wearing them only once this season.

Look, I understand why a lot of the new-look football uniforms are popular. People under 30 like the bold-like statement and consider them "cool".  When you have new uniforms, no matter how putrid,  your fans want to buy the jerseys, thereby making the university money. And finally, these uniforms gain your football program a lot of publicity.

Remember the Maryland uniforms last year? The day after the Terps played their first game in them, all the college football world was talking Maryland football. When is the last time that happened.

So I get it. At least a little.

But I'm a traditionalist, and I just don't understand a school with such classic football uniforms like Notre Dame electing to wear these psychedelic, USFL, XFL uniforms, simply because they look hip.

Now, Notre Dame is only going to wear these quagmires for their October 6 game against the Miami Hurricanes only this year, so it's not like they totally sold out, but I still don't get it. We're talking Notre Dame here!

Now, to be completely fair, I think the jerseys are okay. I'm not a big fan of the font for the numbers, but the jerseys aren't terrible. It's the helmets that I just hate.

Maybe you will disagree. Oh, you'd be wrong, but maybe you will disagree. Below are the new specialty Notre Dame uniforms, so you can judge for yourself.