Jim Crane, the new owner of the Houston Astros, ended a week of speculation, announcing saying he would not change the name of the club saying; "The Houston Astros are here to stay."

Crane floated about the possibility last week, saying he would consider a name change from the "Astros" during a press conference to announce lower ticket prices, as well as the announcement of allowing outside food at Minute Maid Park.

“One thing that we are not going to change is the name. We received strong feedback and consensus among season ticket holders and many fans, and we will not change the name Astros. The Houston Astros are here to stay.”

Houston got a Major League Baseball franshie in 1962 when the Houston Colt 45's were born. The team played at Colt Stadium for three years, until 1965, when they moved into the Astrodome, and became the Houston Astros, a name they've had ever since.

There still is talk of the Astros chnging their logo, and uniforms, as well as the possible departure of "Tal's Hill" in cernterfield, at Minute Maid Park.