All-Pros such as Jared Allen, Maurice Jones-Drew, Tony Gonzalez, and Larry Fitzgerald were all rumored to be on the NFL trading block. The trade deadline has come and gone, and all players remain at home. Only one move was made today before the 3:00 p.m. deadline, and it involved Philadelphia Eagles nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga (pictured).

Sopoaga is heading to the New England Patriots, who are in need to help in the middle of their defensive line. All-Pro Vince Wilford was lost for the season when he tore his ACL in week 4. Veteran defensive tackle Tommy Kelly has dealt with injuries this season as well. Patriots coach Bill Belichick decided Sopoaga was worth a swap of draft picks...and why wouldn't he? Sopoaga, a serviceable player, didn't cost the Pats much.

According to various reports, the Philadelphia Eagles simply swapped 2014 5th and 6th round draft picks with the Patriots. Philly receives the Patriots 5th rounder at next year's draft, while the Patriots receive Soposaga, along with Philadelphia's 6th rounder next year.

New England also gets off easy in regards to Soposaga's contract. Philadelphia signed him last offseason to a three-year deal, and already paid him $3 million this season. The Pats are only responsible for $500,000 of his contract this year, while the next two seasons of his contract are not guaranteed.