2010 Power Rankings: Week 11

1 (3) Falcons 7-2 Confident, rested Falcons must guard against letdown when visiting improved Rams. (Sando)
2 (6) Patriots 7-2 The Patriots went 3-1 against the AFC North, with just the one bad day against Eric Mangini. (Clayton)
3 (5) Jets 7-2 Rex Ryan had to go overtime against Eric Mangini, but at least the Jets pulled out the win. (Clayton)
4 (1) Ravens 6-3 There's no shame in a last-second loss to Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. (Walker)
5 (2) Steelers 6-3 Steelers are just 1-2 in their last three games. (Walker)
6 (8) Eagles 6-3 Michael Vick is the Eagles' new franchise quarterback and now is awaiting a big payday. (Clayton)
7 (7) Packers 6-3 The well-rested Packers have a chance to beat Brett Favre one more time. (Walker)
8 (4) Giants 6-3 Lost in the dark against the Cowboys in Week 10, the Giants now have to prepare for the electric Michael Vick. (Clayton)
9 (9) Saints 6-3 Week 11 brings together Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll, minus NCAA investigators. (Sando)
10 (10) Colts 6-3 How many injured guys can make it back for the showdown at New England? (Kuharsky)
11 (13) Buccaneers 6-3 Bucs have not defeated a team that currently owns a winning record. (Sando)
12 (12) Raiders 5-4 Outside of team headquarters, few predicted the Raiders would be in first place after nine games. (Kuharsky)
13 (11) Titans 5-4 Hard to knock out two Miami QBs and still lose to a third-stringer. (Kuharsky)
14 (17) Dolphins 5-4 Has there been a costlier win than Sunday's over Tennessee? The Dolphins lost Chad Pennington, Chad Henne and Jake Long. (Clayton)
15 (14) Chiefs 5-4 From 5-2 to 5-4 in a flash, and that 1-2 AFC West record is a problem. (Kuharsky)
16 (16) Chargers 4-5 In range of first place, again, after enjoying the bye week and Denver's win over K.C. (Kuharsky)
17 (19) Bears 6-3 The "Monsters of the Midway" are second in the NFL in points allowed per game (16.2). (Walker)
18 (20) Jaguars 5-4 The Jags can't afford a letdown against Cleveland after Hail Mary Hysteria. (Kuharsky)
19 (15) Texans 4-5 The Texans need something, anything to serve as a jolt. How are they going to find it at the Jets? (Kuharsky)
20 (24) Seahawks 5-4 Pete Carroll sweeps the Cardinals and becomes the first Seattle coach to win at University of Phoenix Stadium. (Sando)
21 (18) Redskins 4-5 Donovan McNabb got his contract extension, but the Eagles delivered a spanking to the Redskins. (Clayton)
22 (23) Browns 3-6 Playoff contenders want to avoid Cleveland in the second half of the season. (Walker)
23 (21) Rams 4-5 Issues in the Rams' secondary caught up to St. Louis in its OT loss at San Francisco. (Sando)
24 (22) Vikings 3-6 Vikings are a perfect example of dysfunction undermining talent. (Walker)
25 (28) 49ers 3-6 Troy Smith has completed 17 of 20 passes for 357 yards on first down in two starts. (Sando)
26 (29) Broncos 3-6 In a three-game span, the Broncos allowed 59 points to one division rival and scored 49 against another. (Kuharsky)
27 (25) Cardinals 3-6 Issues on defense might be worse than obvious concerns at the quarterback position. (Sando)
28 (26) Bengals 2-7 The Bengals have the NFL's longest losing streak at six games. (Walker)
29 (30) Cowboys 2-7 The combination of Jason Garrett's discipline and Dez Bryant's incredible ability stole the show against the Giants. (Clayton)
30 (32) Bills 1-8 After three losses by a field goal, the Bills and Chan Gailey finally taste victory. (Clayton)
31 (27) Lions 2-7 Only the Lions would throw a two-point conversion out of bounds to end a game. (Walker)
32 (31) Panthers 1-8 Panthers face the NFL's toughest remaining schedule and could finish 2-14 easily. (Sando)