The 2013 NFL Draft is tonight, at least the first round, and Pro Football Talk has put out their final mock draft.

This is kind of a crazy draft, as the top-overall pick is still up in the air, and there are guys that some project to go rather high, while others project to slip.

There is now talk that the Kansas City Chiefs, who hold the top pick, may prefer Central Michigan offensive tackle over Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel, but I think the Chiefs will go with the safer pick, over the guy with maybe the better upside, and take Joeckel.

Will Buffalo really take Ryan Nassib with the eighth pick? That's very possible, as I speculated last week. The Bills need a quarterback, and new head coach Doug Marrone was Nassib's coach at Syracuse.

The Bills also will run an offense that's better suited for Nassib, or USC quarterback Matt Barkley, as opposed to Florida St. quarterback E.J. Manuel, or West Virginia's Geno Smith.

How many quarterback will go in the first round?

Great question. And I still say that three is a safer answer than one.

What about the New Orleans Saints at number 15? Well, they can go a number of directions, including receiver, offesnive tackle, or defense.

My personal prediction for the Saints is Missouri defensive line Sheldon Richardson.

No doubt, it will be a very interesting draft, but predictions are basically useless, because most of them, including mine, will be wrong.