The labor strife between the NFL players and owners continues to become nastier by the second. Who suffers the most? The paying customers. NFL Fans continue to get caught in the crossfire, as both sides squander away the goodwill of its fanbase. Adam Schein of examines further.

I consider myself to be a fair judge of what the football fan wants. In addition to writing and ranting on, I have hosted a show on Sirius NFL Radio for seven years. If you are listening to my show, The Sirius Blitz, it means you are eschewing the hot button topics in your local market. It means you aren’t locked in on other niche programming. It means you care more about the Titans quarterback situation than the NCAA tournament or the Phillies rotation. This past week, our always flooded phone lines were filled with pure venom. Fans cannot believe that millionaires and billionaires cannot come together to figure out how to divide a $9 billion pie, a pie that the fans are responsible for. The fans pay these salaries. Is a football player a more accomplished athlete than a soccer player in the U.S.? Good question and totally irrelevant. The fan has spoken with his hard-earned money and record-setting viewing, thus making everyone involved in the NFL rich.

Schein speaks for the fans. As much as we explain and breakdown the current work stoppage, at the end of the day, our great listeners would prefer to be talking about the NFL draft, free agency, and how close are the Saints to winning another Super Bowl. Instead, they hear the name Judge Doty more than the name Jonathan Vilma. Fans are curious about the work stoppage, but only because they fear it will take away something they truly care about.