According to a report from, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was paid over $44 million in in 12 months.

From March 31, 2012, through March 31, 2013, Goodell $44.2 million, and $40.36 million of it was in the form of a bonus.

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Sean Gilbert, a contender for the top spot at the NFLPA, penned a book called the “The $29 Million ‘Tip,’” arguing Goodell’s pay was gratitude from owners for what the former player contends is a pro-management labor deal struck in ‘11.

Roger Goodell's Giant Compensation, SportsBusinessDaily

Remember when Goodell said worked for a $1 salary during the NFL lockout? With the kind of bonuses he gets paid, there's nothing noble about his $1 contract.

The bonus alone was bigger than any player's yearly salary has ever been.

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