What are the franchise-turning moments for all 4 teams in the NFC South? Fans weighed in on espn.com and one moment in Saints history won the vote in a landslide. Here is more from Pat Yasinskas of espn.com.

Forty-six percent of more than 50,000 voters (the highest of all the NFC South precincts) chose the signing of Brees as the biggest moment in team history. Winning Super Bowl XLIV finished second at 36 percent and the hiring of Payton was third at 17 percent.
No argument here. Hiring Payton was significant, but signing Brees is the biggest reason why the Saints went on to win a Super Bowl and make themselves more a part of the New Orleans fabric than ever before.

Defining Moment For 4 NFC South Franchises

No argument here either. How could you choose anything other than the signing of Brees? The Super Bowl certainly is a defining moment, but it would never have happened if not for the signing of Brees. To this day, Saints fans should continue sending thank you cards to Nick Saban. Had he and Dolphins GM Randy Mueller (former Saints GM) made a significant offer to Brees, it's possible the defining moment in Saints history would have been hiring Jim Mora, or Jim Finks, or maybe even when Hakim dropped the ball.

Thank you Nick Saban. Thank you.

Check out the entire article. It's interesting to see what other fans view as defining moments for their franchise. Jake Delhomme's name is all over the Panthers franchise-turning event.