Why can't every big event happen in New Orleans? All the Super Bowls, Final Fours and National Championships should just go to the best party place in the country.

Unfortunately, the NFL and its owners hate fun. That's the only explanation for their decision to award the next few Super Bowls to cities NOT named New Orleans. Only an idiot would pick Atlanta over New Orleans...

You read that correctly, the Dirty Birds will be hosting a Super Bowl in the year 2019. Houston and Minnesota host the next two Super Bowls, and according to the law of "if you build it, they will come," the next three cities on deck were Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles.

The Dirty Birds are going to have a brand spanking new, billion dollar facility in 2017, and the NFL owners voted to give them the Super Bowl in 2019. Miami's new stadium is going to cost a pretty penny too (over $400 million), and they're calling the location "South Florida," which is just stupid. Just call it the "South Beach Super Bowl" in 2020, you dummies. The final piece of the puzzle was expected. The Rams are moving into a $2 billion facility in L.A., and the first Hollywood Super Bowl in 2021 is sure to break the bank.

Clearly, the only way to get a Super Bowl in your town is to ask the tax payers to shell out billions of bucks to build a new stadium.

Sorry, New Orleans. It doesn't matter how nice your renovations after Katrina were, or how active your nightlife is, or how conveniently located your stadium is to the entertainment disctrict, or how perfectly equipped you are to handle everything that goes into a Super Bowl (music, tourism, food, hospitality)...unless you're breaking ground on a new facility, you're out of the race.

There is one silver lining to this. Some Saints fans think they can't win a Super Bowl played in New Orleans, due to superstition. How sweet would it be to win one in Atlanta? We know the Falcons won't be doing that any time soon.

The NFL has spoken: if you want a Super Bowl, build a new stadium, no matter the cost. As a matter of fact, the more expensive, the better. Go big or go home.

Here's the statement from Saints owner Tom Benson:

“Gayle and I were very proud to stand with our bid team and the entire city of New Orleans in making our presentation today to host the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2019. While we are disappointed that we were not successful, we congratulate those cities that were awarded the game. We would also like to thank everyone that contributed in making our bid one of the best. As expected, our bid provided new and innovative programs for everyone that would have attended and offered many options so that we would be seriously considered for 2019. The historic Superdome continues to improve with age with its nearly $400 million in state of the art additions and will host another Super Bowl in the future. We are hopeful to be part of the bid process in 2022.”