The New Orleans Breakers were a United States Football League franchise that played in the Louisiana Superdome for one season, in 1984. The Breakers began their USFL tenure in Boston, in 1983, but a stadium issue forced a move, allowing New Orleans real estate developer Joe Canizaro to buy the team, and move it to New Orleans for the 1984 season.

In 1984, the Breakers began the season 5-0, but went 3-10 the rest of the way, and missed the USFL playoffs.

New Orleans supported the team well, with the Breakers averaging 30,557 per game, but the USFL opted to move their schedule from the spring to the fall in 1986, and with the Saints in town, the franchise elected to move to Portland for the 1985 season.

All summer long, we’re looking back at former players for the New Orleans Breakers.

Today, defensive end Daryl Wilkerson:

Born in Houston, Texas, Wilkerson played his college football at the University of Houston, from 1978-1980.

Undrafted in the 1981 NFL Draft, Wilkerson signed as a free agent with the Baltimore Colts, where he played five games in the 1981 season.

Out of professional football in 1982, the 6-foot-4, 255-pound Wilkerson signed with the Boston Breakers of the USFL in 1983, where he accumulated six sacks for 45 yards.

When the Breakers moved to New Orleans in 1984, so did Wilkerson, where he totaled three sacks for 26 yards.

Wilkerson concluded his USFL tenure with the Arizona Wranglers in 1985, compiling two sacks for 11 yards, for a grand total of 11 sacks in his three-year USFL stint.

Below, watch Wilkerson, wearing number 75, and the New Orleans Beakers, take on the Birmingham Stallions, from week 14 of the 1984 USFL season, back on Sunday, May 27, 1984: