In the last two weeks, I've been asked many questions on the air, and via e-mail, regarding the NBA lockout. My position of what an new NBA deal should look like hasn't changed in 3 years. The league needs to even the playing field for teams in smaller markets. Otherwise, the league will only survive, rather than flourish.

Perhaps Jerry Buss (majority owner of the LA Lakers) and Micky Arison (owner of the Miami Heat) don't agree with me, but anyone not associated with the Lakers, Heat, Knicks, Bulls, Celtics, or Mavericks should. New Orleans Hornets fans are certainly on my side.

While the players and owners continue to negotiate during the lockout, many NBA fans are hoping to see pro hoops sometime this year. What they should really be hoping for is an even playing field for all 30 teams.

Peter Finney is one of the most respected sports writers in the Country. The 83 year old is one of only 42 sports writers to ever been honored with the Dick McCann Memorial Award.

Click here to check out Finney's editorial on why the NBA needs to make sure there's a level playing field for small-market teams. It comes to you from and the Times Picayune.