A key witness has rediscovered the tape of a secretly recorded 15-minute conversation between Barry Bonds and his doctor. The former slugger is on trial for four counts of making false statements and one count of obstruction of justice. In 2003, Bonds told a grand jury he never knowingly used performance enhancing drugs or receive any injections from a physician. Here is more on the latest finding from the AP and espn.com.

Prosecutors in the federal case against Barry Bonds say a key witness has rediscovered the tape of a secretly recorded 15-minute conversation with the slugger's doctor, sparking a fight between the government and defense lawyers over whether the new material can be included at a trial years in the making.On a day when there was no testimony because a juror was ill, the government said Monday that former Bonds business partner Steve Hoskins found a cassette recording of his conversation with Dr. Arthur Ting.

Prosecutors, hoping to counter Ting's testimony last week that he never discussed Bonds' alleged steroid use with Hoskins -- who insisted they had -- said both men might be recalled to the witness stand.


Just another twist in an otherwise quiet trial. The public's interest in Barry Bonds has dwindled over the last two years. While everyone seems to believe Bonds knowingly took steroids, the matter of proving it in court is a different issue. If the judge determines that the secret tape is admissible, the matter of proving Bonds lied to grand jury could become less difficult.