College football has several rule changes proposed for the 2011 season. The new rules may give the college game more of an NFL vibe. Here is more from the AP and Bellingham Herald.

On Thursday, an NCAA committee proposed adopting a 10-second runoff for clock-stopping penalties in the final minute of each half, changing the intentional grounding rule and experimenting with placing umpires behind the running backs.

A vote on the proposals is expected April 14.

It should sound familiar. Last year, the NFL moved umpires from their traditional position in the middle of the defense to the offensive backfield for safety reasons.

While more NFL type rules are proposed, one rule that is already implemented for the 2011 season is a controversial new unsportmanlike conduct penalty.

For the first time, unsportsmanlike penalties called on scoring plays before a player crosses the goal line will be assessed from the spot, taking away the touchdown. This contentious rule will certainly reach ESPN1420 and's airwaves during the upcoming college football season.