The University of Nebraska athletic department reported textbook violations to the NCAA. Nebraska admits to dispersing close to $28,000 of unrequired textbooks and schools supplies to athletes from 2007-2010. All of that adds up to three NCAA rule violations. Here is more from the AP and Yahoo! sports.

The school said it outlined the violations in a report to the NCAA, pertaining to book scholarships, extra benefits and a failure to monitor. It self-imposed a two-year probationary period as well as a fine of $28,000 payable to charity.

The school said the athletes involved have already paid the amount of their individual extra benefits to charities. It said it has processed 57 such repayments that were valued at more than $100 and another 181 that were less than $100.

Nebraska claims that both the athletes and bookstore employees thought the recommended textbooks were scholarship inclusions, and neither side knowingly committed NCAA infractions.

All in all, it turned about to be a little less than $60 of extra benefits per athlete. The Cornhusker athletic department's self-imposed two-year probation will likely satisfy the NCAA. I don't expect anything more to come from these violations.