As expected, the NCAA announced the punishments for the Oregon Ducks football program after the university failed to monitor the program in relations to recruiting services.

The NCAA has placed Oregon on three-years probation, reduced the official paid visits for Ducks football from 56 to 37 for the next three academic years, reduced the number of evaluation days for each of the next three seasons, banned the program from using recruiting services during the 3-year probation period, and taken away 1 scholarship for each of those 3 years.

All of the violations occurred in 2010, when the Ducks were coached by Chip Kelly. Kelly is now the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NCAA slapped an 18-month show-cause order for Kelly, meaning schools wishing to hire him must appear before the infractions committee and determine if said school should be subject to the show-cause procedures.

However, being that Kelly is in the first-year of his NFL contract with the Eagles, the show-cause penalty is likely nothing more than, well, show.