Less than a year after the "decision" transformed them into villains, the Miami Heat will play in the NBA Finals. Will LeBron James and Dwyane Wade win a ring in year one together? Or will Dirk Nowitzki and the explosive Dallas Mavericks bring home their first championship? Here is more from the AP and espn.com.

Five years after Wade largely overwhelmed the Mavericks by himself to win the Heat's first championship, the teams arrive at Game 1 of the rematch Tuesday through decidedly different constructions.

NBA Finals Game 1 Preview

The wait is almost over for NBA fanatics. On paper, this year's finals should be a fantastic series. Both Miami and Dallas are 12-3 this postseason. One of them will lose 4 more games. The other, will bring home an NBA championship. America may hate the Heat, but ratings suggest they can't stop watching. This NBA Finals could be the highest rated ever. Let's hope the series lives up to the hype.