A bit of a shakeup at the top, as you might expect.  And, three new schools crack my top 25 this week.

1. Kansas State

2. Oregon

Let the debate begin over who deserves it more.  Oregon's offense is scary but very vulnerable defensively to a team that throws it and has great  receivers.  I'm gong with Kansas State... because of who they're playing, week in and week out.  If Oregon wins against Stanford, I'll have to revisit this.

3.  Notre Dame

No, they weren't part of my process for the top two.  They just really struggle to generate any kind of offense.

4. Alabama

5. LSU

6. Georgia

7. Florida State

8. Clemson

9. Florida

10. South Carolina

11. Texas A&M

12. Stanford

13. Oklahoma

14. Nebraska

15. Louisville

16. UCLA

Home against USC next week.  Winner plays for the Pac-12 title.

17. Texas

18. Oregon State

19. USC

20 Oklahoma State

21. Boise St.

22. Texas Tech

23. Louisiana Tech

Utah State visits Ruston next week.  Dangerous game for La. Tech

24. Northern Illinois

25. Rutgers