We had a discussion on Bird's Eye View Friday about how rankings change during the season.  One caller said he couldn't understand how team A could be ranked ahead of team B if team B won head to head.  My response was, as a voter I had to rate the whole body of work, not just one game and also had to use the "eye" test.  Voters actually do watch games and develop their opinions based on what they see.

That comes into play in my Harris vote this week.  How do you rank the teams in the Southeastern Conference.  Florida beat LSU but lost to Georgia and probably won't win the east.  Georgia lost badly to South Carolina, who has lost to LSU.

Rank that based on head to head and you'll find a way have plenty of people question your vote.

The eye test moves Kansas State ahead of Oregon in my poll.  The Big 12 has one potential pitfall after another and the Wildcats keep getting it done.  They've won at Oklahoma.  They've won at West Virginia.  And yesterday they hammered once beaten Texas Tech.  Good enough for me.

This is also the time of year when teams are playing head to head and therefore, teams are fluctuating in their ranking from week to week.  Just yesterday, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon State, USC, Mississippi State, Texas Tech, Michigan, Rutgers and Ohio all lost.  That's nine teams in the Top 25.

Three Louisiana teams are in my poll this week.  I put Louisiana Tech back in my top 25 despite a very poor performance in a win over New Mexico State.  Their punishment?  Being ranked behind ULM in my poll, as the Warhawks get a vote from me for the first time.

Here ya go:

1. Alabama

2. Kansas State

3. Oregon

4. Notre Dame

5. LSU

6. Florida State

7. Georgia

8. Florida

9. Clemson

10. Louisville

11. South Carolina

12. Oklahoma

13. Oregon State

14. Mississippi State

15. Stanford

16. West Virginia

17. USC

18. Texas A&M

19, Boise State

20.  Texas Tech

21. Nebraska

22. Texas

23. Louisiana-Monroe

24. Louisiana Tech

25. TCU