As of 6 AM many parish and municipal imposed curfews across Acadiana were lifted. This does not mean now is the time to get out and about. Many neighborhoods and communities are still dealing with a high water situation.

Local and state authorities are asking everyone to remain off the roadways until the water has had a chance to drain from the affected areas. The forecast for the remainder of Sunday does include a significant threat of more showers.

The silver lining in this forecast is that the historical rainfall totals of Friday and Saturday should not be repeated today. However, rainfall amounts in excess of four inches are still possible across parts of Acadiana. Flood watches and warnings remain in effect for the balance of the day.

While conditions across some parts of Acadiana are improving other parts of the area are still facing a dire situation and rising water.

The current National Weather Service radar scan showed that as of 6 AM the heaviest rainfall continued to the south and east of Lafayette Parish. Unfortunately that is more water over a part of Acadiana that was inundated over the past several days.

The heavy rainfall has resulted in the cancellation of many church services across Acadiana for Sunday. There has also been a cancellation  of classes for Monday at many Acadiana area schools.