The Philadelphia Eagles are sending a bevy of draft picks to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the #2 overall pick in next Thursday's NFL draft.

Cleveland receives the Eagles 2016 first round pick (8th overall), along with their third and fourth rounder, as well as Eagles 2017 first round pick, and 2018 second round pick. Cleveland will send the Eagles a conditional 2017 4th round pick as part of the deal.

Fifty days ago, the Eagles re-signed quarterback Sam Bradford to a 2 year, $35 million deal, with $22 million guaranteed. Many reports suggest Philadelphia will select a quarterback with the #2 overall pick, likely Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State (if Jared Goff out of Cal is drafted first overall by the L.A. Rams).

The Rams traded with the Tennessee Titans for the #1 overall pick last week.

Last year, the Rams and Eagles traded quarterbacks (Nick Foles for Bradford). This year, they've traded up in the NFL draft to select quarterbacks.

Multiple reports suggest the San Diego Chargers have been contacted by multiple NFL  teams to discuss trading their #3 overall pick.

If that occurs, it would mark the third time in NFL history the first three picks in an NFL draft were all traded for (1967, 1975, 1997).