Washington St. head football coach Mike Leach certainly does things his own way, and he sure can make a point.

This is video from Monday, during his weekly press conference.

This is long, and you don't have to watch it all,  but pay attention to the 19:20 mark, and after. Scroll there, and see what he says.

Leach realizes that some people don't like it when he answers honestly, so he sarcastically begins to answer in a very politically correct way, or in "coach speak".

I'm sorry, but I thought it was funny when he said; "We've had a lot of guys participate this year, and they've had a lot of fun."

And I totally get his point, which is if you answer honestly you hurt people's feelings, but if you answer like he did near the end then you're considered a sarcastic jerk.

He did go back to answering seriously after a couple of minutes.

Again, just scroll to the 19:20 mark here, if you don't want to watch the whole thing.