San Francisco 49ers diva wide receiver Michael Crabtree is better at running his mouth than he is at running his mouth. When it comes to his starting quarterback, Crabtree isn't sure Alex Smith should be the guy. The problem is, when Crabtree talks, nobody listens. Here is more from, followed by more blogging from Scott.

Crabtree joined 49ers informal workouts for the first time Monday, when offensive players began a four-day "minicamp" at San Jose State. He has missed other informal workouts despite being in the Bay Area.

When asked by reporters if he thought catching passes from Smith was important to building chemistry, Crabtree responded: "Who's the quarterback?"

When told Smith was the likely starter, Crabtree said: "He's the quarterback? I'm just asking."

New 49er head coach Jim Harbaugh has said numerous times that he expects Alex Smith to be the starting quarterback for SF this year.

To be fair, Michael Crabtree questioning Alex Smith as the starting quarterback is no different from every NFL fan in America. Smith has been a big disappointment since being drafted by San Francisco number one overall in 2005.

However, when Crabtree does it, it's different? Why? Because since he was drafted, Michael has acted like he's the best player in the NFL. He had 55 catches last year. Not exactly record breaking.

Alex Smith organized offseason team workouts last week, and Crabtree was one of the few players not to show up. The first day he did, was the day he took a shot a Smith. At least Smith is trying to be a leader, something Crabtree knows nothing about.

Many unnamed sources within the Niners organization have stated that they strongly dislike Micahel Crabtree.When you constantly open your mouth and belittle other players, while always putting yourself on a pedestal, your statements begin to fall on deaf ears. That's why on the rare occasion that Crabtree actually makes sense, nobody takes him serious.