Elijah McGuire is going to play in the NFL. It's just a matter of who is he going to play for and where he will be drafted at this point.

One of the best backs in the history of Ragin' Cajuns Football left his mark on Louisiana, but now he's trying to audition for a spot on an NFL roster. Teams like the Chiefs and the Bears interviewed him at the NFL Combine, but his performance in Indianapolis might earn him looks from a couple more teams.

Running backs like Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey hogged most of the attention at the combine, but McGuire still put on a solid showing.

A lot of people pay attention to the 40-yard dash, and McGuire definitely didn't lose himself any money there. He came in with an official 4.53, which put him right in the thick of things with the top running backs in the draft.

Even though the NFL Network broadcasters were talking about McCaffrey, McGuire ran well when it counted.

The NFL Combine makes the athletes go through the drills alphabetically, which meant McGuire came after McCaffrey in every event. While the NFL Network obsessed over McCaffrey, McGuire quietly went about his business and impressed a lot of people. In one event, he outshined the Stanford back by a lot.

On the 225 lb bench press, McGuire registered 15 reps, five more than McCaffrey. In terms of the rest of the field of running backs, McGuire did well in a lot of areas.

McGuire came in tied for sixth in the vertical jump with a leap of 36", and his broad jump of 120" was more than respectable. When it came down to the burst and acceleration categories, McGuire killed it.

NFL Scouts watched on as McGuire led the pack in the 20-yard shuttle with a time of 4.56 seconds, he came in third at the 60-yard shuffle at 11.78 seconds, and he placed fifth in the three-cone drill. For running backs, those are possibly the three most important events, and McGuire put on a show.

Even more importantly, McGuire carried himself well in interviews and did exceedingly well in the on-field drills. When it comes to running routes, catching the football and making cuts, Eli is among the best of the best.

Everyone in Cajun Nation should be excited for NFL Draft day. McGuire will probably go higher than most of the draft "experts" expect, and is performance at the NFL Combine definitely helped boost his stock.

McGuire is built perfectly for the modern NFL. He has incredible hands, the ability to score from any point on the field and a team-first mentality. He could have a lengthy, successful career in the pros, so who will be the lucky team to grab him?