LSU All-American and Heisman Trophy candidate  Tyrann Mathieu has delivered his fair share of jabs on the field. Now the "honey badger" is delivering jabs via twitter. Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron (pictured left) engaged in a twitter tussle with the LSU cornerback, with each player trading barbs at one another through a series of tweets.

Tyrann took the first shot on his twitter page, tweeting, "Try throwing a corner route or a cross country on me this year!!! i'll be waiting!!!"

 McCarron, who was named offensive MVP of the national championship game, quickly responded on his twitter page.

"U can talk ab stopping something.. But actions speak louder than words. Remember that. #neworleans #14," jabbed McCarron.

The New Orleans hash tag refers to the national championship game in which 'Bama dominated LSU 21-0. The 14 hash tag refers to the number of national championships Alabama claims in their school history.

"Everybody have a good game every now and then try having a great season back 2 back 2 BACK! DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIP NOT YOU," Mathieu fired back via Twitter.

As the two players continued their twitter war, fans of each school began to take note, only adding fuel to the fire.

"Ur right the TEAM. That's how we play as a TEAM. We stick together through our losses and wins. #thatswhatmakesusgreat #wehave14," McCarron tweeted.

 Mathieu really got the Tide fans going when he responded with the following tweet: "You have 1,THE school has 14! you play your part well thanks to great coaching! but anyways we'll talk nov 3rd!"

LSU hosts Alabama in a primetime game on November 3rd.

In an effort to calm the hostile Alabama fans responding on twitter, McCarron replied, "Bama fans don't talk anymore ab it. Let's just sit back quietly and wait our turn. Y'all know the date. It's comin. #november3rd #bamanation."

Can November 3rd get here soon enough? For Tiger fans and Tide fans, the answer is no.