As of Wednesday, the Florida Gators are still set on playing LSU Saturday morning in Gainesville. Even with Hurricane Michael threatening the state, Florida is sticking with their 11 AM kickoff time.

Many people expected the game to be moved due to inclement weather, but Florida's university representatives insist that all is well...for now.

With all eyes on the Gators leading up to the game, they released a statement on Twitter detailing their decision.

Really, all this statement does is delay the decision. We will all have to tune back in tomorrow afternoon to see if the situation changes.

It seems like a stubborn decision from the university, considering Florida Governor Rick Scott released a statement Wednesday advising citizens to prepare for the worst.

"I cannot emphasize enough that everyone in our state must prepare now for a direct hit," Scott said. "If Matthew directly impacts Florida, there will be massive destruction that we haven’t seen in years. This is a deadly storm approaching our state."

It seems like the Gators didn't get the memo. Hopefully, they make the right choice for everybody involved. They still have time to change their minds, and the venue.