Check out this crazy play that happened during Thursday night's game between Kent St. and Towson.

Andre Parker of Kent St. runs 58 yards the wrong way, and that's only the beginning.

Kent St. was leading, 24-7, with 26 seconds left in the first half, and had a fourth-down near midfield.

They decide to punt, and that's when the craziness began.

The punt brushed off the side of a Towson player and was promptly recovered by Parker at the seven-yard line, who then starts running with the ball the wrong way.

So what does the Towson players do?!?!? They try to tackle him!!!

I mean, why would we want two lousy points?!?!?

But wait!...there's more!

This play should have never happened! It's a muff...and you can't advance a muff!

Then again, he's not exactly advancing it, is he? He is running backwards after all.

The officials eventually got it right, but it's still a crazy play!