The Ragin’ Cajuns’ year didn’t start off smoothly, but it finished with a bang at the end of the regular season. The same applies to Kennon Fontenot.

Fontenot struggled mightily to find his stroke at the beginning of the season, but his timely hitting at the end of the year helped fuel their run to host a regional. His batting average peaked in the middle of the Sun Belt Conference Tournament, which means his best baseball is probably right around the corner.

He’s a quiet guy in front of the camera but a feisty competitor on the field. He talks about his wild season as if he were describing his morning commute.

“I got the starting job, it didn’t go the way I wanted it to, but that’s just the way baseball goes. Now I’m playing alright, doing well, just trying to help the team,” Fontenot said.

Right now, the Cajun is more focused on what his team is doing. He started swinging the bat better around the time the Ragin’ Cajuns started heating up. Now they’re on a ten game winning streak.

“I think we got hot right at the right time,” Fontenot said.

Depending on who is pitching in the regional, Fontenot’s spot in the lineup will change. Tony Robichaux is known to play matchups, on the mound, in the field and at the plate. An unselfish attitude goes a long way with Coach Robe, and it’s a trait often found on championship rosters.

The year started with a heavy load of road games and tests in the midweek, and the team survived to check off all their goals. They’re bringing another Sun Belt Championship back to the M.L. Tigue Moore Field, and they’re sharing one more weekend of fun with their fans.

“This is what we wanted. We wanted to bring a regional back to The Tigue, one more week.”