Katy’s a 29 year old country girl who grew up in North Carolina and now resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

She loves the outdoors, owns a traveling dance company called “The Southern Belles” and has been to the Playboy Mansion for their Kandy Masquerade and Grammys parties. Her credits include being a semi-finalist in Playboy Intimates’ model search, a finalist in Look Swimwear’s model search and a part in Chris Daughtry’s music video for “Home”.

She’s into road trips, sleep overs, Chapstick and Jessica Alba. Take a wild guess where our heads are at after reading that list of interests. Grab your nighty and Blistex, Katy – we’ll gas up the car.

Age: 29 | Location: Virginia Beach, VA | Height: 5′ 2″ | Weight: 108 lbs

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