Free agent linebacker Justin Durant played for the Detroit Lions for the past two seasons. Durant hopes the team will re-sign him, but he's not taking any chances just in case. On Thursday, Durant jokingly filled out an employment application at Chick-fil-A and tweeted that, you know, it's rough out there for an NFL free agent these days:

After explaining to his followers that he was unable to get a "sammich" at the fast food chain, Durant said he just grabbed the application and a cup of water. One helpful follower then tweeted that Chick-fil-A employees get a free sandwich every shift. That is serious incentive, especially for a football player who just finished up a two-year, $5.5 million contract.

We're pretty sure that Durant will land with some team, but it's nice to see he has a back-up plan just in case the whole football thing doesn't work out.