The NFL released a statement today regarding an arbitration panel's ruling to overturn NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to suspend Jonathan Vilma (and 3 others) for his alleged role in "bountygate." According to the statement, Goodell is claiming his suspension punishments were not overturned, but rather "put on hold."

Peter Ginsberg, Vilma's attorney, responded with a strong rebuttal in the following press release:

"It is interesting and illuminating that it took the NFL almost one week to develop a publishable rationalization of the Appeals Board decision. Contrary to the NFL's media statement, the Appeals Panel voided the suspensions - it did not 'put the suspensions on hold,' as the NFL now pretends, but, instead, explicitly used the word 'vacate' when addressing the Commissioner's previous punishment of the players. And the Appeals Board opinion is clearly based on the conclusion that the Commissioner overstepped his jurisdiction."

Vilma is meeting Commissioner Goodell on Monday to discuss the allegations and evidence used against him in "bountygate." He hopes for a fair meeting.

Vilma and Ginsberg attempted to meet with Goodell back on June 18th to defend himself at an appeals hearing. The two walked out of the meeting, which Ginsberg described as a "sham."