Despite a 52-0 loss to Alabama that followed an upset loss to ULM, Arkansas Razorbacks head coach John L. Smith is still smiling, and he wants you to as well. As a matter of fact, he demands it.!

Earlier this week, Smith, at his weekly press conference, ordered the media to smile.

"We got upset by the Warhawks, then smashed by the Tide...but don't come in here acting your best friend died...Don't worry, be happy."

Okay, so I'm an awful parody writer. But Smith does have a point. If the only problem you have in your life is that your football team is struggling, then you have a pretty good life.

The Razorbacks are struggling, but they have six straight winnable games coming up on their schedule, so they have an opportunity to turns things back around, and I, for one, wish them luck.