Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell just got paid $3 million, despite the fact that he hasn't played in an NFL game since the 2009 season. Never the less, Russell received a nice fat paycheck from the Raiders.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the number 1 overall draft pick from the 2007 draft continues to haunt the Raiders.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

He had been paid $36.4 million and was still owed $3 million at the time of his release. The Raiders filed a grievance against Russell, seeking repayment of $9.55 million in salary advances, and Russell filed a grievance of his own, saying he was owed an additional $9 million.

The Raiders’ grievance was based on their contention that the contract was changed at one point during Russell’s time with the organization. But the two sides were set to go to court recently, when a source close to the situation said the Raiders and Russell decided to settle.

Raiders To Pay JaMarcus Russell Another $3 Million

Maybe the Raiders can finally move on past their awful contracts of the last decade...but probably not. After all, Oakland has 49.6 million in dead money on its cap this season. That's a lot of cash for guys who aren't even on your roster.

Russell has dropped 50 pounds, and is hoping to get a shot at NFL redemption. It if todes happen, one place it definitely won't be is Oakland.