Do you see that face? That's a look of betrayal. It's a look of profound sadness. You did this, Jake Fraley. Why did you do this?

Girls love baseball players. Don't believe me? This little girl's name is Carter, and she loves Jake Fraley more than the world. Those are real tears, and they're all because Jake is leaving her.

Fraley was a leader for the LSU Baseball team, and he signed with the Tampa Bay Rays, who selected him with the 77th overall pick in the MLB Draft. He has a promising career in professional baseball, but Carter doesn't care about that.

Not only does Carter love Jake Fraley, she loves LSU Baseball. She just wants to watch Jake play another year in purple in gold. In her young eyes, Jake is leaving her and her beloved Tigers.

Why, Jake? Why?

Life just isn't fair. We agree with Carter. How is she ever going to find another Jake Fraley? For her, it was true love. Now he's leaving. It's a tragic story.

There's a twist though. He might not be leaving. Is there a happy ending?

Carter just wants to see Fraley again. She cried when his fellow teammate, Mark Laird, left her too. She might get to meet her knights in shining armor after all though...check out Fraley's response on Twitter.

Dry those tears, Carter. Your heroes might be on their way to cheer you up.

I told you, girls love baseball players. The passion starts young.