One of the biggest college football games of the 2011 season will take place this Saturday in Arlington, as the 3rd ranked Oregon Ducks take on the 4th ranked LSU Tigers. One man who will not be in attendance but certainly will be discussed is infamous college scout Will Lyles.

The NCAA is investigating both schools for making payments to Lyles they claim was for scouting videos, reports, and other intel on top rated recruits. Oregon paid $25,000, while LSU paid $6,000. Paying scouting services for information on recruits is not uncommon and neither school has been charged with anything. 

However, Yahoo sports reported back in March that Oregon's payment to Lyles was for his influence on a recruit, not his scouting service. Hence, the NCAA investigation. No such claim has been made about LSU, though the NCAA is currently investigating their relationship with Lyles as well.

With Will Lyles casting a shadow over this Saturday's primetime showdown between the Tigers and Ducks, has the game been dubbed the "Will Lyles Bowl?"

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! sports has more on the story, including his recent conversation with Lyles himself. You can check it out here.