Miami Heat forward LeBron James certainly has taken a lot of criticism, throughout his career, and especially since joining his current team. columnist Gregg Doyel becomes the last to blast James, asking if James is a "shrinking superstar".

Miami Heat forward LeBron James

Nothing that Doyel says is inaccurate. He brought up some great points, and he's certainly entitled to his opinion.

All that being said, we all know that James is a different type of player, on a different type of team.

James has been the third-best player in the series, at best. There's no doubt. But I'm a large sample-size guy, and basketball is a large sample-size sport.

LeBron doesn't have to be Dirk Nowitzki. Nowitzki has to score, while James doesn't.

James helps in other areas than scoring. Sure, Chris Bosh hit the game-wining shot, but LeBron got him the ball, by drawing the defense to him.

LeBron didn't score, but again, he didn't have to, due to the play of Wade, and Bosh. He did, however, play great defense, an d dish out nine assists.

It's funny, how we, as basketball fans, criticize players that are perceived as being onne dimensional, on the offensive end.

Wasn't that the criticism of guys like Allen Iverson, and Dominique Wilkins?

Here, we have a player, in James, who is averaging just under 28 points-per-game, for his career, who gets criticized for not scoring that amount in a Finals game, despite his team winning, and him contributing with his defense and distribution...aren't some of us being a little bit hypocritical?